Aceto King – Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria

Aceto King is a liquid bio-fertilizer that adds atmospheric Nitrogen to the soil in a natural way and makes it easily accessible to plants in symbiotic manner. It works best for crops such as sugarcane, sweet potato, sorghum etc. Revolutionary bacteria of Aceto King enhance plants’ sugar level as well as Indole Acetic Acid (IAA) level. As a result, Aceto King significantly increases commercial value of the cultivated crops.

Composition: Gluconobacter diazotrophicus 1×109 (cfu/ml)

Recommended Crops: Sugarcane, Sweet Potato, Sorghum

  • Advantages

    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Aceto King is capable of adding atmospheric Nitrogen in the soil at the rate of 30 kg N/ha/year.
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Increases size and length of internodes
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Improves soil health
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Restores natural soil fertility
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      100% organic
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Ideal alternative for chemical fertilizers
  • Application

    • Sugarcane Set Treatment
      Before planting, mix sugarcane sets thoroughly with Aceto King 1% solution (Mix 10 ml of Aceto King in 1 liter of water)
      While planting, spray Aceto King 1% solution (Mix 10 ml of Aceto King in 1 liter of water) over sugarcane sets and immediately cover them with soil.
    • Soil Application
      Apply Aceto King 1% solution (1 litre of Aceto King in 100 liter of water) in 1 acre of land through drip irrigation or drenching when land contains sufficient moisture.
  • Caution

    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Shake well before use
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Keep in cool and dry place away from heat and direct sunlight
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Use in agriculture applications only
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Do not mix with other bio fertilizers or any other types of chemical fertilizers
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Apply as recommended by agriculture consultant
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Wash equipment thoroughly with water before use
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      If spilled on skin, wash with plenty of water
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Keep out of reach of children and uninformed persons
  • Composition

    • Gluconobacter diazotrophicus
      1×109 (cfu/ml)
  • Shelf Life

    • 1 year from the date of manufacturing
  • Available Packing

    • 500 ml
    • 1 liter
    • 5 liter
    • 20 liter