Monas King – Biological Disease Inhibitor

Monas King is an eco-friendly biological disease inhibitor that contains Pseudomona fluorescens. Pseudomona fluorescens is highly effective on root rot and stem rots. Monas King also protects against sheath blights or leaf spots, powdery mildews, downy mildews and many other fungal diseases. Pseudomona fluorescens acts on the hyphae of plant pathogens by using enzymes and antagonism. Seed treatment with Monas King provides a protective zone around seeds.

Composition: Pseudomona fluorescens 1×109 (cfu/ml)

Recommended Crops: All Crops

  • Advantages

    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Increases crop yield by 20-30%
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Produces a number of secondary metabolites such as antibiotics, siderophores, and hydrogen cyanide which supresses many plant diseases.
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Acts as a systemic bio-control agent against various fungal and bacterial diseases.
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Actively controls powdery mildew and downy mildew in various crops.
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      An effective alternative to chemical fungicides and PGHs as it contains an ability to generate Gibberellic acid.
  • Applications

    • Seed Treatment
      Submerge 1 kg seeds in Monas King 10% solution (Mix 10 ml of Monas King in 100 ml of water). After stirring thoroughly, soak the seeds for around 20-30 minutes. Drain and dry the seeds in a shady area where air can circulate around the seed for around 30-40 minutes.
    • Root Dipping
      30 minutes before transplanting, dip the seedlings in Monas King 1% solution (Mix 10 ml of Monas King in 1 liter of water) for around 10 minutes.
    • Soil Application
      Apply Monas King 1% solution (Mix 1 liter of Monas King in 100 liter of water) in ½ acer of land through drip irrigation or drenching when land contains sufficient moisture.
  • Caution

    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Shake well before use
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Keep in cool and dry place away from heat and direct sunlight
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Use in agriculture applications only
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Do not mix with other bio fertilizers or any other types of chemical fertilizers
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Apply as recommended by agriculture consultant
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Wash equipment thoroughly with water before use
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      If spilled on skin, wash with plenty of water
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Keep out of reach of children and uninformed persons
    • Enhances-yield-by-up-to-40%
      Do not apply any chemicals before or after 5 days from the application of Monas King. Do not apply Monas King to seeds that are already treated with chemical bactericides
  • Composition

    • Pseudomona fluorescens
      1×109 (cfu/ml)
  • Shelf Life

    • 1 year from the date of manufacturing
  • Available Packing

    • 500 ml
    • 1 liter
    • 5 liter
    • 20 liter